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About us

Looking back on over 135 years of experience, STÜWA Konrad Stükerjürgen GmbH is a family-run company and leading manufacturer of high-quality well-construction technology, producing well screens in PVC / steel and stainless steel, as well as geothermal products and drilling accessories.

Innovative solutions in the field of water extraction, water retention, water discharge and utilising close to the surface geothermal heat sources are now being developed and produced under the management of the fourth generation.

With its experience and high level of application competence, paired with creative thinking and taking action, STÜWA creates intelligent and highly efficient systems in all application areas and advises and supports clients worldwide, commencing from the initial idea up to, and including, implementing construction projects in the fields of:

  • Municipal water management

  • Industry

  • Agriculture

  • Raw material extraction

  • Structural and civil engineering

  • Renewable energies

Products and services

At STÜWA, all the services provided come from a single source. The corporate processes are certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and all products fulfil the highest quality standards. In addition to the classic assortment of components according to the valid DIN standards, STÜWA also manufactures every kind of individual special components.

Application areas for STÜWA products are well construction technology, renewable energies, irrigation technology, flood protection, environmental technology, geotechnical engineering and the construction industry. Based on intensive consultation and cooperative exchange of ideas with our partners, the optimal complete solution is always found.

Our Products:

  • PVC Screens and Casings

  • Steel Screens and Casings

  • PEHD and Aqua 23 Screens and Casings

  • Observation Wells

  • Riser Pipes

  • Grouting Material, Sealing Clays and Quartz Filter Gravel

  • Drilling Fluids

  • Well Chambers

  • Pumps and Pressure Tanks

  • Geothermal Products

  • Geotechnical engineering
PVC & PE Screens and Casings

- PVC screens
- PVC gravel screens
- Ribbed screens
- PE screens
- Coiled bundles LDPE
- Aqua 23 screens
- Disc screen: VEE SHAPE SCREEN®
- Special pipes
- PVC accessories
- Installation tools

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Steel Screens and Casings

- Bridge slotted screens and casings
- Wire Wrapped Screens
- Accessories
- Installation Tools
- Riser pipes

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Geothermal Products

- Geothermal probes U-shaped
- Coaxial probes
- Vacutec-Vacuum riser pipes
- Winch for geothermal probes
- Geothermic brine
- Manifold systems
- Accessories

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STÜWA K. Stükerjürgen GmbH
Hemmersweg 80
33397 Rietberg

Phone: +49 5244 4070
Fax: +49 5244 1670
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Contact person

Guido, Knechel
Area Sales Manager
Phone: +49 5244 407405
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News & Innovations

Product Innovation: Vee Shape Screen®

The STÜWA VEE SHAPE SCREEN® is the perfect solution for long life wells with frequent regeneration intervals. Due to its attractive price / performance ratio, this screen offers an excellent alternative to stainless steel wound wire screens.

The well development is favoured by the conical profile of the discs. This results in a nozzle effect in the treatment using a water jet from the inside. The clear discs make it possible to visually examine the gravel distribution and other installed components at a later stage.

The VEE SHAPE SCREEN® is available with either a trapezoidal thread or ZSM connection. The solid connections are best sealed with our STÜWA Quelltec® sealing system. The tested tightness is 16 bar.


  • Conical opening profile

  • Optimal well development

  • Transparent well view

  • Variable material selection (e.g. PE, PA, ABS, PP etc.)

  • Variable connection (e.g. PVC thread, PVC-ZSM)

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